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Why Contribute?

Why Contribute?

In 2012-2013 academic year, we were priviledged to receive ~$13,000 from all of you which we utilize for many wonderful activities within our Department.

For instance, your good charity has already provided financial support for our hard working students who require assistance to make it through their incredibly rigorous Biochemistry and Molecular Biology education. Last year we provided ~ $3,000 in awards and scholarships to our undergraduate students with the funds that you provided to us.

This last year we began collecting funds for the “In Recognition by the Women of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology”, scholarship which was established to recognize our best graduate students with a financial award. This scholarship also honors all of the female students and faculty members who have been educated or worked within our Department. While still a dream, we hope we can raise enough to allow this fund to become endowed.

We wish we could do more to provide for and recognize our students since each year the cost of education continues to rise, yet we still need doctors, dentists and research scientists that our programs prepare students to become. These Biochemistry and Molecular Biology alumni then go out and provide their medical or scientific service to Oklahoma and our Nation. Every year we also invite world-renown speakers to our Department who give lectures on their cutting edge Biochemistry and Molecular Biology findings and our students and faculty get the chance to delve into the mystery of the techniques these scholars utilize in their home laboratories.

If you are privileged enough to contribute, we would greatly appreciate your help. Go here to see the variety of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology accounts that you can give to. This coming year we hope to establish a new account that will support student research and travel activities directly. We have also been thinking about developing an endowed graduate assistant fund which we would then use to support a student with demonstrated financial need.

We would also love to hear from our alumni about what you would like to support; contributions should indeed ring loudly from the heart! Leave a message with your ideas on our facebook page at if you can, or contact our front office at 405-744-6189 and let us hear your thoughts.

Our goal is to see our foundation accounts grow so that we can do more to encourage our students and faculty to do what they do best: obtain knowledge and continue their pursuit for truth in the natural world!

Thanks to all of you for the incredible support you already have provided and will no doubt provide in the future.

Go Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Pokes!