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Undergraduate Research

As a Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major, you are encouraged to participate in a guided research experience. You can become involved with a research laboratory as early as you wish, even in the Freshman year. Our advisors will help you apply for summer research internships nationwide, and our professors will draw on their experience to provide you with both research training and personal mentoring.

For information about ongoing research projects in the department, visit the various faculty pages by clicking here.

OSU sponsors several research award programs that provide funds for undergraduate student research projects. Below are general descriptions of several programs taken from the respective websites. Individual webpages provide detailed information for prospective applicants.


Life Science Freshman Research Scholars (LSFRS) Program

The Life Science Freshman Research Scholars (LSFRS) Program is designed to help students identify a research project, establish a research connection with an OSU faculty member, and participate in a research project. First-semester freshmen majoring in Biochemistry or Microbiology may apply to the program.


The Wentz Research Grants

The Wentz Research Projects are an opportunity for undergraduates to design and conduct research under the supervision of a faculty mentor. Wentz Research Projects awards are limited to students officially listed as undergraduates at the time of application and for the duration of the project year (students classified as graduate students, in 3-2 programs, or in Veterinary Medicine are not eligible). Applicants must have a minimum 3.00 GPA and have completed at least 12 in residence hours at OSU.


Niblack Research Scholars Program

The Niblack Research Scholars program provides support to Oklahoma State University undergraduates to conduct research in one of OSU’s research laboratories under the general guidance of a member of the research faculty and with day-to-day mentoring by a graduate student. The purpose of this award is to give outstanding students an appreciation of scientific research in a laboratory environment at an early stage of their academic careers.  Research experience is invaluable in helping the students choose a career path for themselves, in improving their likelihood of success in the workforce, and in helping the students decide if graduate school is the correct choice for them. The award winners must commit to working in a laboratory for the two semesters and the two summer months.  Eligible students, studying on the Stillwater campus and enrolled full-time, must have at least 28 and no more than 94 semester credit hours earned (cumulative graduation/retention) at the start of the fall semester.


Oklahoma-Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation

A Consortium of colleges and universities in Oklahoma seeking to improve the quantity and quality of students from underserved populations

The Oklahoma Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (OK-LSAMP) for students majoring in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) is funded by a National Science Foundation grant. In 1994 several Oklahoma institutions of higher education joined Oklahoma State University to serve as a consortium with the common goal of significantly increasing the recruitment, enrollment and retention of under-represented minority students in the STEM disciplines. Currently, the Alliance is comprised of 11 institutions throughout the state. The Oklahoma program nurtures and assists students through the undergraduate program, while creating opportunities to pursue graduate degrees in their selected STEM discipline. OK-LSAMP Scholars are provided with opportunities to interact with faculty and scientists, developing strong research experiences through academic year and summer internships; receive scientific integrity training; attend and present at local, state and national conferences; and prepare for transition into graduate programs, including GRE preparation. Funds are provided for Scholars to apply to five graduate schools during their senior year of undergraduate studies. Stipends are awarded to Scholars in the amount of $500-$2000 per semester.


OK-LSAMP Bridge to the Doctorate

A Pathway to the Next Level

OK-LSAMP strives to significantly increase the recruitment, enrollment and retention of under-represented minority students in STEM disciplines. The Bridge to the Doctorate (BD) program is the natural progression of the LSAMP Scholars and is designed to enhance the number of under -represented groups earning a doctorate in STEM fields. The BD program provides financial, academic and professional support while ensuring scholars build the connections and skills needed to excel in a chosen STEM career. All BD students have been integrated in the Academic Units and are deeply engaged in research but are still mentored by the LSAMP program and monitored by the Graduate Dean.


Freshman Research Scholars

The Freshman Research Scholars program at Oklahoma State University provides an opportunity for approximately sixty bright, ambitious students to extend their education beyond the classroom by engaging in cutting-edge research under the guidance of innovative faculty researchers.