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Bioinformatics Certification


The mission of the OSU official campus-wide Bioinformatics Certification Program is to train post-baccalaureate students in the techniques required to generate, analyze, and interpret complex biologically-derived data sets. The certificate program is a multi-disciplinary program that involves faculty in departments across the university and is administered through the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. The objectives of the Certification Program are: to improve the employability of post-baccalaureate students; to consolidate interests from multiple departments into a cohesive curriculum; and to provide critical training for post-baccalaureate students to enhance the competitiveness of projects developed during and after their education at OSU.

Primary Student Learning Outcomes:

1. Students will understand the terminologies, technologies, and concepts used in the analysis of data related to genomes and genome structure.

2. Students will acquire cross-disciplinary knowledge to independently design bioinformatics projects and organize collaborators of appropriate expertise across the core disciplines of life sciences, computer sciences and statistics.

3. Students will develop a set of skills including text mining/formatting, basic statistics, basic programming script, and use of genomic information and databases appropriate to their long-term employment.

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