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Ph.D. Timetable

Ph.D. time-line illustration

First Year

Fall Semester

Orientation Session
Meet with Provisional Mentor - draft a plan of study
Take appropriate candidacy preparation courses
Complete rotations as required
Select Doctoral Advisor by the end of the semester

Spring Semester

Continue course work
Select Doctoral Advisor by the end of the semester if not done in the first semester
Begin candidacy exams


Submit Annual Progress Report
Begin Dissertation work

Second Year

Fall Semester

Continue preparatory courses
Form and meet with Advisory Committee to plan dissertation work
Develop a plan of study and submit to the Doctoral Advisory Committee
Complete candidacy exams (if all 12 are required)

Spring Semester

Conclude preparatory course work
Continue dissertation effort
Submit finalized Plan of Study to Doctoral Advisory Committee


Submit Annual Progress Report
Prepare for Candidacy Exams

Third Year

Fall Semester

Prepare and defend research proposal by the third year of study
Take any specialized course work outlined in the Plan of Study
Continue dissertation research

Remaining Semesters

Meet with your advisory committee each year
Concentrate upon dissertation research
Submit Annual Progress Report in the summer of each subsequent year
Conclude Dissertation research

At least one semester prior to intended graduation, begin writing your dissertation

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