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Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Graduate Student Association

BMBGSA Officers (2018): 

2018 Cabinet

 From Left to Right: 

Alexander Lim, GPSGA Rep
Victoria Kingdom Tabb, Secretary
Jeremy Sabo, President & Faculty Rep
Lawrie Gainey, Vice President
Bryan Naidenov, GPSGA Rep. 
Claudio Galves Sagastume, Treasurer


BMBGSA Officers (2017): 


From Left to Right: 
Sean Gile, GPSGA Rep
Victoria Kingdom, Secretary
William Johnson, Vice President
Lawrie Gainey, President
Alex Lim, Treasurer
Matt Greenlee, GPSGA Rep.
Not Pictured: Prabhat Pathak, HBRC Liason

BMBGSA Officers (2016):


Left to right:
Krishna Bhattarai - GPGSA Rep
Sean Gile - GPGSA Rep
Nate Torres - Faculty Rep
Maurie Balch - President
Sikta Patnaik - Vice-President
Amrapali Ghosh - Treasurer

 BMBGSA Officers (2015):


Back row from left to right:

Shanell Shoop – Vice President
Krishna Bhattarai – Secretary
Savannah Evans – Faculty Rep
Prabhat Pathak – GPGSA Rep

Front row left to right:
Xiaoyu Qiao – GPGSA Rep
Dustin Steele – President
Josh Garner – Treasurer



 BMBGSA Officers of Past Year (2014):


Front Row From left to right: Dustin Steele, Fredy Saudale, Daniel Smith;
Back Row From left to right: Robert Pokoo, Jake Kline, Xiaoyu Qiao, Linyi Tang

President: Fredy Saudale

Vice-President: Dustin Steele

Secretary: Linyi Tang

Treasurer: Daniel Smith

Faculty Representative: Robert Pokoo

GPSGA Representatives: Xiaoyu Qiao, Jake Kline



2018 BMBGSA Research Symposium

The 2018 BMBGSA Research Symposium was held September 20th and 21st .

BMBGSA Mission

To provide an outstanding setting for the BMBGSA members to build a prolific career in the field of biochemical sciences.

To establish a mechanism for the graduate students to network with academic and industrial professionals that will broaden students’ understanding in the diverse areas of biochemical sciences.
To provide an opportunity for discussion of issues of concern for graduate students and offer leadership to direct action, when appropriate and necessary, to provide a collective voice for discussion of the graduate students’ rights and responsibilities.


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