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Research Tidbits

The importance of Hsp90 and Hsp90 inhibitors.

There are several small molecules that inhibit the cellular protein “heat shock protein 90” (Hsp90). These compounds hold promise in addressing the half-million cancer deaths that occur in this country each year. We are trying to fill three knowledge gaps that are slowing the deployment of chemotherapies using these compounds:

(i) A better understanding of Hsp90's role in cancer cells is needed in order to rationally decide which cancers should be treated via Hsp90 inhibition. 

(ii)  More efficient methods are needed to evaluate new candidate Hsp90 inhibitors, and to assess their mechanisms of action.  

(iii)  More knowledge of these compounds' structure-activity relationships is needed in order to guide rational drug design efforts.

 The importance of OSU’s DNA / Protein Core Facility:

My team also runs shared high-end instrumentation for researchers throughout Oklahoma.  We have world-class resources for mass spectrometry & proteomics, for DNA sequencing and DNA analysis, and for other techniques.  You can learn more here: http://dnaproteincore.biochem.okstate.edu


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