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Genomics, gene expression, and genome evolution associated with the Elizabethkingia Genus using advanced “-omic” technologies. Sequencing technologies and applications to multiple disciplines. Supercomputing and bioinformatics analyses.

Current research focus is using whole genomes to definitively determine the number of species in the Genus Elizabethkingia, an emerging pathogen. Our goal is to combine bioinformatics genotypes that can be validated using biochemistry and molecular biology to explain phenotypes, particularly related to pathogenicity and antibiotic resistance. These bacteria are prone to rearrangements making the evolution and speciation complex.

Other projects include using microarrays and bionanotechnology, studied membrane healing when cells are impaled into tiny carbon nanofibers. An interesting new mechanism of creating better membrane healing “plugs” was found. This research will help understand how all animals repair damage that occurs (e.g. muscles) at the cellular level. We also study control of young (stem) cell decisions during growth and changes to different cell types; a maturation process similar to differentiation. Genes and special RNAs called micro-RNAs are involved which we will analyze using microarrays. Finally, our facilities test and maintain computational methods for studying large data sets from plants, animal and soil.



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