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Core Facilities

DNA Protein Core Facility

Dr. Steven Hartson, Director

The Recombinant DNA/Protein Resource Facility functions to stimulate the competitiveness of biomolecular research activities at Oklahoma State University and throughout Oklahoma by providing access to essential advanced technologies whose availability or price might otherwise be prohibitive to individual investigators. To fulfill this mission, the Facility performs specialized biochemical analysis, manages a battery of multi-user equipment, provides technical expertise, and vends specialized biochemicals. The Facility operates as a non-profit entity, providing its services at or below actual costs with assistance from OSU's Agricultural Experiment Station, the Office of Vice-President of Research, and the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Center for Genomics and Proteomics

Dr. Peter Hoyt, Director

The OSU Genomics & Proteomics Center includes a Proteomics Core (formerly the DNA and Protein Core Facilities) and a Genomics Resource Facility (formerly the Microarray and Bioinformatics 'BIOinfOSU' Core) to serve the OSU research community from the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in the Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources.

The facilities provide technical advice in experimental design, the complexities of data analysis, training and bioinformatics on a cost recovery basis.  The Genomics UCRF specializes in high-through sequencing, and bioinformatics, while maintaining the ability to produce, distribute and analyze DNA microarrays both of which can provide clients with differentially expressed genes.  The facilities have been operating for 18 years and were formally initiated with funding from the National Institutes of Health Biomedical Research Infrastructure Network program and the National Science Foundation's Experimental Program to Stimulate  Research. For more information see

OSU Microscopy Laboratory

Dr. Ron Van Den Bussche, Director, Associate Vice President for Research and Regents Professor of Integrative Biology

The OSU Microscopy Laboratory is  a multi-user, shared instrumentation facility for materials research spanning from nanotechnology to biology and medicine. It is located in Suite 104 of the Venture 1 Building in the Oklahoma Technology and Research Park, in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Analytical capabilities of the Facility include microscopy via electron beams, force probes and visible light; nanomechanical and nanotribological probes. Established in 1977, the Lab has served as the central research, teaching and training center for microscopy of OSU for 30 years. A full range of services are offered including full service from sample preparation to final imaging, partial service which includes just sample preparation or support service in which the investigator performs the work using the Lab’s equipment. For more information see

Statewide NMR multi-user Facility

Dr. Margaret Eastman, NMR Facility Manager

The Statewide NMR Facility is located in the Chemistry Department and houses a Varian UNITY INOVA 600 NB NMR system and a Varian UNITY INOVA 400 NB NMR system. The computer networks enable users to transfer, process data, and operate spectrometers statewide. These NMR systems are in addition to the Varian 300 MHz Broadband GEMINI 2000 High-Resolution NMR System found in the Undergraduate Teaching Laboratory.  In addition to the above instruments, a Varian/Chemagnetics CMX-II 300 MHz Solid State NMRspectrometer is available for use.  This system is equipped with three rf channels for study of magnetic nuclei at resonant frequencies from 10 to 300 MHz. For more information see